Ticket information (English)

Ages 18+ only!
We are accepting ticket orders via Vipps, and you can send your “name”, “ticket amount number”, and mark the order with “Hjertøya 2024” in Vipps.

Vipps number: 90172362

NOTE: 20 Earlybird 3-Day Weekend Pass tickets available for 700 NOK (all inclusive).
Write a vipps message to 90172362 and ask for earlybird availability.

General Prices:
One-Day Pass: 800.- NOK (+ 100.- NOK if you require a tent-space.)
2-Days Pass: 1000.- NOK (Friday-Saturday) (all inclusive)
3-Days Weekend Pass: 1500.- NOK (all inclusive)

Tickets are non-refundable upon purchase.

To buy a ticket, you need to present valid identification to prove you are over 18. 

To enter the festival grounds, you will have to be 18+ years of age. Valid ID will be checked.

For other payment methods (foreigners only / non-norwegian citizens), please contact us here, to arrange for payment.

Where and When is it?

HjertøyaFestivalen 2024 will be held at Trevatn Velpark, 2840 Reinsvoll, Norway.
It will be held on 08 until 11 August 2024

Address of event:
Trevatn Velpark, 2840, Reinsvoll, Norway
See map here:

The closest terminal/station for travel to this event is: Raufoss Station
Usually accessible by train number R30 or R30x from Oslo S, towards Gjøvik.

Please see our other social media for more information and to stay in touch for now.

What can I bring? + Important info!

You have to bring your own alcohol, as there is no serving at the venue.

You can also bring your tent, hammock, swimsuit or swim gear, and also some warm clothing for when you get out of the water, if you plan on taking a dip in the lake.

We must make it clear, that we clean up after ourselves, and we expect everyone to keep the festival site neat and tidy.
It is very important that it looks the same way as when we arrived.
Garbage cans and containers for empty cans etc. will be placed throughout the festival grounds.

You don’t have to bring food for during the shows, because we will have food served at the venue.
There will also be a  kiosk on site with various snacks, etc. (open during the shows)

It is recommended that you bring extra food and supplies if you plan on putting up a tent or sleep in your own hammock. ONE tent space is included in the ticket until May 1st.

DO NOT bring any drugs or drug-related items into the party. Drugs are strictly prohibited.

DO NOT bring hazardous items such as weapons or solid knives. We want safety for all.

DO NOT bring any glass bottles.

Toilets and washing-area is available for you to use.

Bring a good mood, and a will to help others around you.

What about Covid?

We will follow the national recommended guidelines for COVID handling for our guests and artists.  We will continue to update you all if any guidelines change etc.