Artist Info Basics

ALL Artists / Performers get 1 (one) extra ticket to bring a friend along.

Event Dates and times:
Friday August 12, 2022 at 15:00 – 02:00
Saturday August 13, 2022 at 15:00 – 02:00

This event’s contact person, is:
Odd Roger Fremstad

Address of event:
Trevatn Velpark, 2840, Reinsvoll, Norway
See map here:

The closest terminal/station for travel to this event is: Raufoss Station
Usually accessible by train number R30 or R30x from Oslo Central Train Station (Oslo S.), towards Gjøvik.
( VY OSLO TO RAUFOSS for 12 Aug ) ( VY OSLO TO RAUFOSS for 13 Aug )
This journey is usually around 2 hours long.

For foreigners and travellers flying in via Oslo Gardermoen Airport, you can take a “FlyToget” train to Oslo Central Train Station (Oslo S.)
(Another train is usually train R11 towards Skien, which also stops in Oslo S (usually cheaper)).

“FlyToget” trains usually leave every 20 minutes and travel between the airport and Oslo.
Find a train from Airport to Oslo S here: FLYTOGET VY AIRPORT TO OSLO

Then they would have to take the R30 or R30x train from Oslo Central Train Station (Oslo S.) (train towards Gjøvik), until their stop at Raufoss.
( VY OSLO TO RAUFOSS for 12 Aug ) ( VY OSLO TO RAUFOSS for 13 Aug ) (Remember to change the time of departure appropriately)
The festival starts at 15:00 each day, so make sure that you have time.
The journey from Oslo S. to Raufoss (the 13th stop) is usually around 2 hours long.

Artist Gear

Gear on site:

2 x CDJ 2000 NXS 


(Standard Pioneer Setup)

Artist Catering and Info

Bring your own alcohol. There is no serving of alcohol at the festival venue.
(There is a store close to the venue area (about 10 minutes away by car)).
DO NOT bring glass bottles.

For artists we will have their own food serving.
There will be food trucks and a snack kiosk on the festival grounds during the shows.
There will be a barbeque and we will set up so that you can cook your own meats etc. if you desire to do so.

Drugs are prohibited.
Weapons and dangerous items are not allowed.


Toilets and washing area is available for all guests and artists.

We will have a dedicated big tent set up for artists only.

There is a store about 10 minutes away from the festival grounds, where you can get what you need in daytime hours.

Performance notes:

You can follow the set times in detail here:
Countdown Page

Thank you all for participating, and we are really excited for this event.